To our consumers we offer adult day training & habilitation services - based upon the premise that every person challenged by limitation, of mind or body, possesses an inherent capacity to achieve a level of independence. ProWorks provides training and care which encourages each person to develop or maintain their natural abilities.


ProWorks, Inc. is committed to providing quality services to our clients.  One means to help us achieve this committment is to discuss, with the significant people in our clients lives, their views on how well we are doing and seek their suggestions about how we might improve our services.  A person’s Interdisciplinary Team will be asked about service satisfaction – at the individual’s annual meeting, and the results of the satisfaction survey will be reported here annually. 

ProWorks, Inc. – Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2013

ProWorks, Inc. requested service feedback from 67 people – 44 surveys (64%) were returned (all were satisfied with their services) – one survey stated that he “would like to know the ratio work/leisure,” and stated that “more community involvement would be better” – 23 survey requests (34%) were not returned.