To those who support ProWorks’ services, through personal or company resources, you become a partner with our organization, and through your generosity, you improve the lives of individuals who live with intellectual, emotional and physical limitations.


In August 2011 ProWorks purchased two new Hyndai forklifts – one for the Danielson-Nelson Site in Litchfield, and one for the Red Rooster Site in Dassel. ProWorks provides work opportunities for people with disabilities, and accomplishes this task by completing work contracts for area businesses. These contracts often require that work product be moved from a transport vehicle to work areas and back again, and usually the safest and most efficient method of transfer is accomplished using a forklift.

USDA (15)

These purchases were made possible with a $14,000 grant from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Rural Development Program and a loan from the Meeker County Development Corporation (MCDC) – Intermediary Relending Program (IRP). The IRP is also a program under the USDA – these monies are received by the MCDC, and then relent to area businesses for expansion or improvement projects.

ProWorks is a private, non-profit corporation. ProWorks provides day training & habilitation services to people with developmental disabilities and other related conditions, and given the funding cuts over the last few years, providing DT&H services in a manner which takes into consideration the health and safety of ProWorks’ employees and consumers has become increasingly more difficult. The forklift purchases demonstrate a wonderful example of a great working relationship between government and private business. A media event, to recognize the USDA’s work in rural Minnesota, and specifically it’s working relationship with ProWorks, was held on August 23rd at ProWorks’ Danielson-Nelson Site in Litchfield. In the photo above, USDA’s State Director, Colleen Landkamer, is seated on one of the new forklifts; also pictured is, Kevin Friesen, USDA Community Program Specialist from Willmar, Arlene Groskreutz, ProWorks’ President, Dale Miller, ProWorks’ Executive Director, Tom Meium, with Congressman Collin Peterson’s office, Chuck Ackman, with Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office, Nate Arch, with Senator Al Franken’s office, Scott Barnard and Jay Becker, Herc-U-Lift Territory Managers.

“USDA staff really went beyond to find us all the funding necessary for this project to happen,” stated Dale Miller, ProWorks Director, “To provide work opportunities to persons who live with limitations, we need the proper tools; these forklifts ensure that ProWorks personnel will be able to safely move work product.” Collen Landkamer, USDA State Director stated, “Organizations like ProWorks are essential in building strong rural communities; everybody living in rural Minnesota deserves the opportunity to expand their skills and build a better world. ProWorks provides these opportunities to people living with developmental disabilities and related conditions.”


ProWorks recently added this 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan to its fleet; this purchase was made possible with a generous contribution from the Watkins Lions Club.

DT&H services include transportation to a from ProWorks’ program sites (in Litchfield and Dassel) and community work sites. ProWorks owns and operates six vehicles to provide daily transport services; however, the number of vehicles owned by the Center has decreased significantly in recent years; most of ProWorks transport needs are now provided under contract with Meeker Public Transit (MPT). ProWorks and MPT traveled approximately 241,350 miles in 2006 to provide DT&H services to area residents.


ProWorks recently received a generous donation of “adult” bibs from Kelsey Stommes. Kelsey shares her story in the following narrative:

Brenda & sister (2)

I am currently attending Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN. I am completing the dental assisting program. This semester we were given the assignment to volunteer 16 hours of our time. Eight hours of that had to be dental related and the other eight hours were to be completed by doing any other community service project of our choice. Then the search began, trying to find places to volunteer at, which wasn’t an easy task. One night it clicked and I thought of ProWorks, and couldn’t help but think of what better place to volunteer my time. The next day I contacted them and Sharon had brought up the idea of sewing some bibs together. I was thrilled to be able to put my time towards something that was needed and knew it would be a fun and enjoyable project as well. My mom helped me make up the bibs as well and my family donated the material for them. Once I had a few put together and made I had my sister Brenda (who goes to ProWorks) “be the model,” and try them on to see if they would work. I hope everyone enjoys their new bibs and I was so happy to help out!

ProWorks is so very grateful to the families and friends to want to be a part of this wonderful mission.

Thank you Kelsey and Stommes family.


Donate-NowProWorks is appreciative of the many individuals, organizations and businesses who support our work of providing training and care to persons living with significant physical, intellectual and emotional limitations.

ProWorks’ services are mostly covered by “service” fees; approximately 80% of our overall operating budget is covered by our daily “per diem” from government sources; the other 20% of our revenue comes from job income and contributions; job income is generated by work contracts from area businesses; contributions are received from thegenerosity of individuals, organizations and businesses who to support our work. You can donate to ProWorks by clicking on the Donate Now icon to the left.

If you are considering a charitable contribution to ProWorks, you may research our agency’s financial information more thoroughly at the “Network for Good” website at: ProWorks accepts cash gifts, property (real estate and other tangible personal property), securities, annuities, tributes and memorials, etc. Gift planning is an important part of sound financial management; planning a gift requires a thoughtful approach and careful consideration of various alternatives. Whatever the size or form of your gift to ProWorks, we will work with you and your financial advisors to prepare a plan of giving that compliments your interests and helps you meet your financial and estate-planned objectives. For more information on charitable giving, please visit:; this website is produced by the Minnesota Council on Foundations.

ProWorks is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization under IRS codes, and welcomes public support; contributions are typically used to expand existing services, develop new services or to purchase equipment. We appreciate each contribution not only for the financial support it provides, but also for the show of support that it demonstrates. Your contribution may be tax-deductible – you should consult your personal attorney or accountant.

ProWorks receives contributions from the following area fund drives:

  • Cedar Mills Community Chest
  • Eden Valley United Charities
  • Danielson Township United Fund
  • Manannah Sno Blazers
  • Our Lady of Manannah Council of Catholic Women
  • Dassel Communtiy Chest
  • Grove City United Fund
  • Swede Grove Drive for Charities
  • Union Grove United Fund
  • Watkins Lions Club

The people of these townships and communities have long supported ProWorks’ program; their commitment to improving the services available to persons with limitations is exemplary.