To our business partners we offer a promise of job satisfaction. ProWorks seeks and develops business relationships which lead to procurement of work contracts; these relationships provide work opportunities to individuals with disabilities, and provide a reliable and “temporary” labor force to a business.


 Business Advantages

Quality Assurance

Cost Effectiveness

Support Services

Production Deadlines

Courteous Representatives

Outsourcing Solutions

Businesses choose to work with ProWorks because:

•You avoid the expense of hiring and training new employees; since you are contracting with ProWorks, we cover all employment related expenses.
•We ensure satisfaction – we certainly hope that you that you feel good about the opportunities that you are providing to workers with limitations, but our promise to you is that the work will be completed to your satisfaction.

If you would like more information, please contact Audrey Oster.











Community-based Employment

Child Care ~ Clock Assembly ~ Custodial Services ~ Inventory Controller ~ Window Washing

clock sub-assembly

clock sub-assembly

Clock sub-assembly

Clock sub-assembly